Asset Servicing

It’s said the devil is in the details.
Which is why we take care of all of them.

We understand the importance of exceptional custody and safekeeping of your assets, and of clear and complete sharing of information with you. To this end, we provide a range of services that include complete custody and administration services, customized reporting and performance analytics. In short, we make sure your assets and information are secure, that every detail is well covered, and that you have a clear view of your financials and our actions on your behalf.

What sets us apart is our ability to leverage the information technology, custody and accounting capabilities of the world’s largest asset servicing provider. Yet, just as important, we adapt and expand upon these resources from the perspective of an industry leader in wealth management, affording our clients world-class capabilities that reflect the unique needs and preferences of private investors. Whether safekeeping and accounting for your assets, providing specialized accounting or tax-related support, processing payments or providing access to the information you want — when and how you want it — we have you effectively covered.

We’ve Got You Covered

Award-winning asset servicing provider, across multiple measures

Recognized technology and information reporting leader

Global Custody

  • Domestic and global custody and safekeeping
  • Multi-manager coordination

Information Reporting

  • Financial reporting
  • Tax-related reporting
  • Web-based reporting and analytics

Performance Measurement & Analysis

  • Global performance reporting
  • Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)-compliant reporting
  • Performance attribution

Cash Processing

  • Client or AMBRICS -initiated cash processing
  • ACH transfers
  • Wire processing
  • Check processing